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Lesintor NCVD measurement type color master mixer is suitable for new material, secondary material, color master additive automatic proportion mixing, according to the preset proportion mixing, through the full digital microcomputer control system set the conditions automatically converted into speed direct drive precision screw extrusion raw materials, the error value is not higher than ±1%.  This product can be divided into three types of screw 12.14.16, which can be combined into six models, providing different output of 0.1 to 38 kg. In addition, it can be combined into two color master machines, which can be used with any two color masterbatches according to customer requirements.

Machine characteristics

• Permanent memory function for data storage;  

• Microcomputer control, intelligent accurate calculation;  

• Can meet the requirements of external signal input;  

• Bushmaster rod is treated with luo plating, durable;

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Qualification certificate

GB/T 24001-2016/ISO14001:2015  
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Reiser stepper motor  

More torque, lower heat and higher stability


Visual window  

You can see the inner workings 

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Assembly structure

Modular assembly structure, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and exchange 

The screw  

plating treatment, prevent chromium layer off blocking operation

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Optional mixer to mix evenly  

Control electric box

Microcomputer control, intelligent and accurate calculation

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Full touch screen electric control box 

Real color LCD screen, intuitive operation, strong system hardware versatility  

Product features

1. Modular assembly structure, easy to disassemble and install, easy to clean and exchange  

2. The whole series can be matched with the mixing base, which can mix the material evenly

3. Double color machine can be selected to meet customers' requirements of double mixing  

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