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Drying and conveying series

  • Dust removal and suction machine

    Dust removal and suction machine

    “Lesintor”dust removal and suction machine, which widely used in the delivery of raw materials for injection molding, can automatically feed the injection molding machine.Microcomputer controlled memory storage, automatic feeding, time adjustable, lack of material or motor overload stop and alarm.A multi-purpose suction machine, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, non-woven fabric and other industries of raw materials transportation.

  • Plastic Hopper Dryer Machine Hopper Dryer For Plastic

    Plastic Hopper Dryer Machine Hopper Dryer For Plastic

    Lesintor dryers have a wide range of applications and can be used with various plastic molding machines. They are welcomed by plastic machinery and plastic products. The plastic raw materials are loaded into the heat drying machine, and the heat of the product is used to remove the water content on the surface or inside of the plastic particles, so that the raw materials fully dry and effectively prevent the poor quality phenomena such as bubbles, silver streaks, cracks, and poor transparency that are produced after plastic molding. Can be used with a recycling system.

  • Industrial Use High Efficiency Drying Oven

    Industrial Use High Efficiency Drying Oven

    Lincent oven is widely used for drying any plastic raw materials, and can bake thousands of materials of different materials and colors at the same time.  It is especially suitable for drying materials with high temperature accuracy, low dosage and many colors.  It is also suitable for preheating or drying in food, pharmaceutical, electronics, electroplating and other industries.